Hi! I'm Natalie. I'm happy you're here. I'd love to get to know you, and I'm sure you'd like to learn a little about me! Here it goes...

I'm a portrait, brand and lifestyle photographer. Photography is my true passion and I love what I do. 

I have a natural eye for capturing details. Being in front of a camera can be uncomfortable if you're not used to it, so when I meet with clients, I'm not afraid to be the most awkward person in the room. Even if that means I have to play some Beyonce and bust out my best dance moves (full disclosure: as much as I hate to admit it, my “best dance moves” are not good at all). 

Everyone has a story to tell, and I'd be thrilled to capture yours. Come say hi on Instagram or shoot me an email (hello@folchiphotography.com).

I can’t wait to meet you soon!